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Spray Paint Art or Aerosolgrafia as its commonly known has been around since the early 1980’s. It’s origins begin with the street artists of Mexico city, whom would entertain tourists with their speed and dexterity using spray can paint to create amazing paintings in minutes often to music. Since the 1980’s Aerosolgrafia has spread around the world and is still being performed today in all the major tourist cities of the world. My name is Alex Riley and I’ve been creating Aerosolgrafia art for the past 7 years, I also perform my art all over the U.K during the summer months at festivals and fairs.

Aerosolgrafia (Spray Paint Art)

LongWe’ve all seen spray paint used for graffiti all over our cities and towns often as murals or tags on walls and train doors. Aerosolgrafia is a different form of art created with spray can paint, although it does share many of the techniques associated with Grafitti art. Created on a flat surface usually on glossy poster board the artist will use all kinds of materials including magazine sheets, sponge, palette knives, tin foil, fingers, plastic lids etc to create textures, effects and layers. Given the nature of acrylic spray paint drying so quickly the artist is forced to refine their techniques to a high speed, which when performing live gives the WOW factor to the end result in the time taken to create the piece.


A Brief History…

RubensadotfernandezRuben Sadot Fernandez a poor street artist from Mexico city was the pioneer of Aerosolgrafia in the early 1980’s. His foray into spray paint began as an experiment that he brought to the street. He sat in a lotus position surrounded by aerosol cans, and effortlessly created exquisite human faces, figures and landscapes on paper, cardboard and canvas without the use of a brush. He worked to music, ranging from classical to rock to pre-Hispanic Aztec beats. While he painted, he often shared his strong opinions and metaphysical observations on culture and politics with the crowd. People were quick to follow Sadot’s lead, although no one could copy his unique style. The first generation of spray artists included Augustin Perez (El Guero) and Antonio Jimenez (El Moreno) who were responsible for developing the “cosmic” style so prevalent in spray paint art today. The most notable talent of that generation, after Sadot, was Victor Manuel Hernandez (El Gordo). He was a complete and gifted artist and helped transform the art form more than any other disciple of Sadot.


Painting Live


Here’s a collection of some of my work from the past few years…

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